would the world stop spinning
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2003-06-22 18:21:29 (UTC)

ya ya!!!!!!!!

another night with caela.. she's totally helped me
reconvince myself that my heart isn't useless anymore.
cuz it's all about beating when she's around :o) jesus that
girl does something wonderful to me.
i had a cook out for the hurt kids and the happy in love was fabulous.
josh,mike,beth,caela,kelli,julie,marci,nikki,kim,john and
dan all came,then a few of my mom's friends showed up and
my aunt as well. bitch ass val never showed up tho.....
after we all ate and chated for a while a few of us went up
the street to this little festival and goofed off for a bit.

all in all one of the best days i've had in a long long
time...then i got to sleep next to a beautiful girl.
i woke up this morning to sid barking at me,and caela
watching me sleep again. it freaks me out cuz i'm afraid of
the stupid things i'm doing in my sleep,but at the same
time it's crazy wonderful. so many new and good things i'm
feeling,don't know where it's leading me,but i'm going

more later

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