Welcome to own demise
2003-06-22 18:08:27 (UTC)

fall river vacuum affect

so, when i moved out here last year, i came the the
conclusion that this town was full of losers and/or
potheads and rarely does anyone ever leave once they r
sucked into this place.... case in point... my brother.
guillermo will never leave here.... ever. id put money on
it if i had any. blah

ive been doing nothing but cleaning and tokin since i got
here. granted the bathrooms r beautiful, the kitchen stays
neat, and the bedroom is pretty much always tidy.. i dont
wanna turn into a stupid fall river stoner! :( tomorrow is
my job interview i hope to gof they dont drop me. bc i
no doubt about it fail. and if my mother finds out i
dropped dirty, shell kick me out of the house and shell
tell my dad and hell go back to not trusting me anymore...
maybe i should focus on not doing drugs rather than how im
gonna cheat and pass on this drop. yea well easier said
than done huh?

speaking of albert, he gets in on tuesday.... i really
wait, im so tired of sitting alone in the house all the
time, and it hasnt even happened that often.

once again mom went to pat's house for the night. she left
like 40 mins ago... shell be by in the mornin to pick me


im so tired of talkin on the computer to the same people
allllllllll the time.. granted my friends r great, but i
mean, i want like actual human interaction man.

dude, kat is awesome, but i feel like im like tryin tp
myself onto her to chill with me and whatnot ya know? like
i think shes cool as hell and i could chill with her all
the time but she has friends here and i feel like im being
so like i dunno selfish? bc i wanna chill all the time...
even tho weve hungout like twice. whatever anyways... blah

and then i know nick. nick.... is a character... i told
albert that i kinda got with him back in like august...
albert needs to understand what i did in the past is in
past. he gets kinda upset when he finds stuff out like
that, but i mean... why bother? it wont change what
happened and i
mean its to the point where he gets pissed when dave jokes
around about fuckin with me... like he gets super salty. i
understand tho, i mean dave really shouldnt do shit like
that, esp if alberts like his brother.

i dunno.... i wanna roll or toke or something man im so
damn bored.

the other night i was home alone and sick, i hadnt eaten
anything in 48 hours all hyped up from my pills... i
cleaned the bathrooms soooooo well u could like eat off
tubs.. kat came over... left... man i was sooo out of it..
i was hearing things! it was crazy. i finally fell asleep
at like close to 5am. my mom called me at like...... 9
told me to get up and showered and dressed..... man i was

anyways, imma go try to fix the computer, bc mama messed
up a lil bit...