The Squizz
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2003-06-22 03:52:09 (UTC)

Disorder and phoenix

So I'm sitting here on the couch, sex and the city on
tv, and the newest copy of the LONG anticipated Harry
Potter book 5- the order of the phoenix. A spur of the
moment purchase while out shopping for rat supplies has
cost me $19.99 that I really shouldnt have spent. So what
makes this book so great? They are killing off a major
character (I know which one, ask if you want to know), and
it's been about two years overdue. Not to mention the
TIGHT security that rivals that of the golden gate san
francisco area after 9/11 to make this book worth it's
weight in gold. But then again, who out there isn't
reading this book. Those who actually have will power!
They are the mighty heroes of the anti-corporate era.