the secret life of me.
2003-06-21 21:38:35 (UTC)

Harry Potter # 5

After taking a *little* nap, I woke up around 11 pm. I
decided that I wanted to go buy the new Harry Potter
book, even if it meant standing in line for an hour. So... I
got my mother and my money and we drove off to
Barnes & Noble.

Well.... I'm not exactly the biggest Harry Potter fan, and
maybe that's why I was a bit surprised when I walked in
the door of the bookstore. A REALLY tall man wearing a
long purple robe and a pointy purple witch hat came up
and greeted me. SCARY! Also, I was surrounded by
people dressed up as characters from the book, and one lady
who had put in these creepy contacts so her eyes were little
black pointy slits. It was quite disturbing.

Well, I took a number (I was number 1,060) and walked around
looking for a good place to sit until they called me up to get my
book. I found the Guiness Book of World Records at the front of
the store, and then sat down in the 'Tarot Cards Astrology'
section to learn about the longest spahgetti noodle, etc.
Surprisingly I was the only one in that section. I guess
not many people are interested in how to tell the future.

After moving into a big fluffy arm chair near the astrology aisle, I
fell asleep for a few minutes (only to be woken up by an old man
asking if the chair across from me was taken). I FINALLY got my
book (at 1:15 am), and went home.

Hmm. I slept in until noon today, but I'm still tired. I must have
sleeping problems.

*Yawn* I will go take yet another nap.


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