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2003-06-21 19:03:51 (UTC)

AM get ready to chastise!!!

So yeah...she's hot...need I say more? I went over to her
place on Wed morning for breakfast and to pick up her
saddle cuz GW's stirrups don't go short enough...she
looked good. I love summer. *sigh* I dunno, on Tuesday I
phoned to ask about the saddle and she said something
like "I was at the barn till 10 15 riding by myself..."
and I choose to read that as "I was waiting for you..."
which I'm totally fine with. Oh and then I forgot to
mention but Sat night she phoned me and we talked for like
a half hour and I'm still not sure why she phoned...which
is fine by me. Musical ride went ok-we're finally
starting to get that organized...and we need another
meeting before Focus too...hmmm I'll get on that with
her...but yeah overall I'm enjoying myself...I'm still
mad/annoyed with her for various reasons...but *sigh*