"Leben ist ein Weibchen."
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2003-06-21 07:30:42 (UTC)

June 21st.....

Well Brick, Chris, and everyone from Junction is out of
my life... even my andrew. He got a gf that used to go to
my school, and shes a freak. He's so whipped over her too.
I cant hang out with him without her being on the phone
protesting about it, or if shes there, and frankly,. id
rather eat shit than that. last resort only!
Let's see... its EXACTLY 11 months of me being
single...and i'm REALLY lonely now. BUT NOT desperate by
any means. I've dated a lot though. I dated Zack for a
while... i met him on my bday (jan 16th). he bought me 16
roses cause i turned 16 and something else that i dont
remember. We dated until the middle of march, and we're
still good friends. He's really cool, and hot by the way.
I also met a guy named Elias. He's 20 and wants to be a
cop so he told me i was too young to date AFTER i started
falling for him. He's so match. He even fed me shit
by saying that he was falling for me and whatnot. but now
he wants his ex back and i'm on the verge of crying but i'm
still telling him that i'm here for him to lean on and to
talk to and whatnot. I might not want to hear it but id
rather have him as a friend than nothing else.
I miss Brandy a lot. I really do. She's like my best
friend and shes the only one who can send me to the floor
laughing so damn hard. and shes really understanding and a
good friend to talk to. i wish i was in junction so i can
call her.
I have entirely given up on guys. I am no longer
flirting, or hitting on anyone, or giving my number out. I
am convinced my standards are too damn high and i dont want
to change that. ehh fuck this... haha...

later guys


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