Steva's Life
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2003-06-21 04:56:51 (UTC)

Another boring day.

Well We had been planning to go to the harry potter
releaseing it was going to be rachel,Josh and Jeff, and of
course me ;-) Well it started with me not having the
greatest day, and then i went to Best buy to get some
stuff for me and then for the apt... so that i could
connect the computer to the TV so that we can watch
things. Because i download alot of things. and i was
hoping to have jeff do it tonight... but that's another

Well I came home and hung out and watched Family guy and
talked to people on the computer. and what not then i left
at about 8:15 to head down to FAO shits to meet jeff
because Josh and i were meeting jeff at fao to then walk
over to meet rachel at the barns and nobles that the books
were being handed out. And so josh and i wait about 10
minutes and jeff comes out and ilaine is there and that's
the best part of the night because i love ilaine becuase
she's ilaine and yeah. And going on then jeff josh ilaine
and i start walking to the west side and its about a 3-4
block walk and ilaine and i are walking alone and josh and
jeff are wlaking alone witch is nice because i never get
to see her much witch i understand she's busy. But i do
sometimes, but its nice when i do because we catch up on
things and then we get to the west side and start heading
up town and about 62nd street ilaine gets the call that
she wanted to get so she had to head back to FAO to meet a
guy friend. And so then jeff josh and i walk up to the
barns and nobles that is doing the HP thing. And we meet
rachel there and then we go to find a place to eat and we
look for about 15 minutes. and then we find a place and
eat. And we talk there a little bit... and then we go back
to the store and we do the look around and then we find
out where the Line is to get the book. and we hang out
there... and then we get the book and then we decide to
leave and head home, witch i had figured jeff was coming
home, but then he didn't and that annoyed me because i
think i'm ready to sit him down and talk to him but not
sure. and so we say goodbye and then leave. i get a cab
and rachel get a cab and jeff and josh just walk off. And
then i just seem upset on the way home... but i really
don't know why. Becuase maybe its nice to have the apt to
your self so that your able to write an entry in to the
jurnel, Well that's about all i have to say, i'm just so
very excited that Jenn 32 is coming to visit me tomorrow
after i see zanna don't! yey! :-D yey! then then then
Well yeah... I love you all and all of good night :-*