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2003-06-20 22:55:37 (UTC)

Music news

Well... First i want to point out that i never really
belived in Terrot readings, and you really don't untill
somthing happens to you that it says... Well One thing that
the terrot cards said... was that a friend of mind would
not be there for me at some point in the near future and it
seems to be happening... i'm not mentioning who... and no i
won't tell you who. Becuase i don't want to hurt that one

In Music News, I got a phone call from Kayden's Manager
today... letting me know that they were making CD's and
that they would probably be ready tomorrow. I'm very happy
about this, i have to bring up to the manager about getting
more press kits, Becuase my friend daphne is a Solo singer
and broadway star and i think she may know the right people
to give it to. And also i'm going to talk to falicia From
Aida if she would know anyone, and also Delisco if he
possable know's anyone. I think i'm doing a really good
job with this, i want jane to help some more. Since she's
Vice-presadent and all... i mean she's in NH and i

So Harry potter book is released at midight tonight! yey...
i think... wow... and yeah... because jeff, josh and rachel
are dorks they're going to the party for it over at lincoln
center barns and noble yeah... that's sad. But the sadder
thing is... I'm going with him, no not to buy the book...
just so i can have somthing to do... yes that's a sad fact
right there...

I mean my mother keeps telling me to do more things with my
life and that's why i took on this job with kayden is
becuase i thought that it would be a major thing for me.
But so far its been slow, i mean i know they're still a
minor band and what not... but i jus thought that it would
be more exciting. But i guess you have to take everyhting
slowly. I mean hey who know's maybe they'll become this
big smash and become big and i can be there in the band
only room becuase i'll be all up with the band and what not
witch would be sooo cool... like my friend jane know's a
few famous people and she's all up with them and rachel
know's Someone from Twisted sister and i don't know many
famous people and i would love to.

I've also been thinking alot about NH and that's kind of
scary... because i don't wnat to move back there..
because...well...its...boring... yeah... that's the word...
And there's just nothing there for me. and i don't know
why i'm having these thoughts... I don't understand...

"Tire Tracks and Broken hearts, That's all were leaving
behind doesent matter what we're looseing only matter's
what were going to find. Tire tracks and broken hearts lets
get away from the past so many wish to stay hungery baby so
many ways to go back" -Tire tracks and broken hearts from
Whistle down the wind

I think that's so true... wow... i'm loseing my mind.

i don't know why i'm going ot the harry potter thing
tonight... but i'm going anyway... wow...

Well... that's all i have to say... :-)


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