the secret life of me.
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2003-06-20 22:50:39 (UTC)

Packing... again

My dad woke me up at a little before 5 am to say
goodbye. He's on a plane right now, flying to South
Dakota. Yeah, shut up. I've been there a bunch of times
and its actually really cool. I gave him a hug and then
went back to sleep in about 2 seconds. I woke up again
to my mom telling me that she wouldn't be home until
noon. I groaned and went back to sleep (again, in
about 2 seconds). Then I woke up for THIRD time to
my dog snorting and licking my face. GOD!! it was the
nastiest thing in the world. Sooo... i shoved her away
and curled up in a ball to sleep... again. (Did i mention
that I have THE cutest dog in the world??? She is a
dalmation!!! yeyyyyy!!) Hehehe i just love being lazy. I
finally woke up for the last time at 11:30 am, and
started packing for camp. I have lots of experience at
that (packing) since I go on more than 5 vacations a
year (mostly cruises). yeah whatever, it sounds like fun,
but its really not. After a while you start missing ur bed,
pets, friends, etc. :-( wahhhh i wanna stop going away!
But camp is really fun so screw that.

I can't believe how soon i'm leaving!!! Only 3 more days
and I will be out in the wilderness for a whole month.
Yeyyyyyyy!! Out of all the camps I've been to, this one is
by far the most fun. I went last year, and had a
wonderful time (besides the fact that everyone was
calling me a skinny vegetarian guinea pig hehe).
Hmmm, it wasn't that funny at the time. I got really
pissed off and kicked some serious ass. Literally. I
actually think I kicked someone's ass haha.

Stop telling me I have anger management problems!! I
know I do!! (yes page, I really do....)

Ahhhh i love cold pizza. I must go eat some while I
watch yet another episode of the 'real world'. I will cry
the day MTV stops making new 'real world' episodes.
lol i swear i am addicted to that show. sad, eh?


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