Montana bound
2003-06-20 20:32:49 (UTC)

Cool Change

Heard that song on the radio the other day, and it
matched my current feelings almost exactly. Just in case
someone else is interested: Little River Band - Cool Change
Not much going on lately. I'm hoping Jessica remembers
that we were planning on working on our proposal to the
city council for the dance club today. If not, I suppose
I'll just have to call her later. My parents are gone for
the weekend, and I'd really like to do something with her.
I'd like more to do something with Allison, but that one
doesn't seem as likely, unfortunately.
Still looking for a job. I need to cal Kal in a
moment, inquire if there are any job openings. I doubt it,
but the more I bother him about it, the more likely he is
to remember, and next time there is an opening, I'll be the
one he thinks of.