A Demon's Tears
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2003-06-20 07:45:23 (UTC)

Times change

Yeah, I wanna say things change. Now, Catherine isn't all
that great to me. Even more shocking is the fact I started
talking to Stefanie again. We're really close friends now. I
just can't believe how things can turn around like this. I
can't believe I felt so strongely about Catherine. It's so
freaky... but I guess it doesn't matter now. I'm happy now.
Stefanie is making things so much better. Lori is, too. God,
the two of them are life savers. I wanna formally thank both
of them for all they have done for me. Well, that's all. I
should be in bed so I'll be awake tomorrow for the license,
but hey... I just can't sleep. Well, better wrap things up.