SuGaR RuSh
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2003-06-20 04:26:48 (UTC)

You know i dont like sports....

do why r u playin these games with my head......

Do you have any farmer stuff? Do you have any astronaut
stuff? Do you have any melba toast? 'cuz that's what I
want. I'd also like an army of rabbits, some tar, a black
hat, a book about lightning, a magical fortress made of

~*random thoughts*~ BORED!

-Cal u called me 2day...

-one day ill get out of pittsburgh....

-im 95% shure im going 2 c the clarks on the 28th.... :)

-i called steve 2 nite and told him we need 2 drink soon...

-havent talked 2 the kid all skool yr, i call him- he dun
even talk-

-i wonder how many times i can listen 2 this cd....3
times...and countin so far....

-OJ def killed them....

-def wanna work @ disney world...and i wanna b famous...gosh

After all you put me through
You'd think I'd despise you
But in the end I want to thank you
Because you made me that much stronger

When I, thought I knew you
Thinking, that you were true
I guess I, I couldn't trust
Called your bluff, time is up
'Cause I've had enough
You were, there by my side
Always, down for the ride
But your, joy ride just came down in flames
'Cause your greed sold me out in shame, mmhmm

Never, saw it coming
All of, your backstabbing
Just so, you could cash in
On a good thing before I realized your game
I heard, you're going around
Playing the victim now
But don't, even begin
Feeling I'm the one to blame
'Cause you dug your own grave

After all of the fights and the lies
Yes you wanted to harm me but that won't work anymore
Uh, no more, oh no, it's over
'Cause if it wasn't for all of your torture
I wouldn't know how to be this way now, and never back down
So I wanna say thank you