Ode to a psycho!HA!
2003-06-20 03:22:51 (UTC)

New York

So, we're finally here. After about 19 hours of driving in
painstakingly small proximity of my familywe finally made
it. Some how I always fond that grueling drive to be so
much more entertaining when I was to short to see out the
windows ad my only compnion was a larg oversized talking
big bird who would tell me stories and sing to me until I
fell asleep. ( NO this was not last last year for those of
you currently scoffing at my attempt to look upon my past
in a warm somewhat nastalgic light)But we're here at last.
For those of you who care I spent much of my time reading
Beach music by Pat Conroy, and watching quite an
interestingarray of dvd's on my fathers laptop including
Crouching tiger Hidden Dragon (good movie!!) The Rocky
horror picture show, ( Also a good movie!) Lady and the
Tramp 2 in Spanish ( Of course!) and Amalie (A very good
french foregn film for those of you culturally impaired)
And we're here. We went to Ted's hot dogs first thing
mainly because we were starving, and because i's the most
fantastic hot dog place on the face of this earth. And then
we went tover to my uncle gordy's. It's cold here, well nt
cold, but it's much dryer, and also a few degrees colder. I
wanted so badly to go sit in the hot tub with my Iced tea
and vodka and just soak in the cool dry air. It's so nice!
My cousin Kristen's graduation fom college party is o
saturday. I'm kind of excited. I'm staying at my aunt Pat's
tonight. I am very tired, and I desparetly want to go take
a shower, but alas, one cannot shower when the shower is
occupied....well technically, wait, nevermind, I'll stop
right there. Anyway, it's good not to be in the car.
Although I do love driving through the mountains. The
mountains in the summer is probably one of the most
beautiful things I have ever experienced. All of the trees
nad the miles and miles of wild heather. It's open
nothingness for miles around, and georgous. It's one of
those images that's permenantly etched into the back of
your mind. I could practically visualize my entire drive to
New York it's so familiar. But for now I'm tired, I'll
write again when time permits.