champagne supernova
2003-06-20 03:07:22 (UTC)

wonder years

you know, i might sound child like when i say this. but i
love all of my friends. and i appreciate them so much it is
unbelievable. everyone that is in my life somehow
contributes unbelievably and i can't thank each one of you
enough. i love going to this website to right a new entry
and seeing "you have_ messages".. i lvoe getting messages
from my friends, i had 3 messages today. one from chris,
one from manny, and one from scott.and i love them too!
this past year has been wonderful, and no doubt very hard.
but i made it through becasue i knew i wasnt alone. and i
wanted to thank scott and chris for the thoughts on my last
entry.chris, its nice knowing someone can relate to whats
going on in the father dept. so thank you. i am leaving
here in 9 days, but ill be back and i hope to see you all
this summer one time or another. and i hope u all can make
it to the birthday dinner thing @ rubys diner in the
parking lot of the whittwood mall @ 6:30, june 24. id love
for all of you to come and have dinner on my birthday with
me! so i guess all i can say is i love all you guys and i
cant wait for next year with you all. thank you for maing
this year one of the best of my life. goodnight! ...oh yea!
and moving day is tommorrow! woo hoo!
and the concert....soo amazing.