Meesa and Leglin's secret pi

moshing kiwis
2003-06-20 02:44:45 (UTC)

cinnomin spider

two days of lying around watching t.v....i make myself sick
sometimes. gods, i can be so lazy! what happened to my "get-
fit" plan?! if anything i've gained weight, i don't dare
look at my jeans, it's like a reminder of guilt that i
haven't been exercising like i said i would. food is making
me feel sick today....blah. im getting increasingly more
excited about leaving, i actually considered leaving
tomorrow, but then i reminded myself "no, stay for your
party. get control of yourself! leaving early for a
GUY?!?!?! you're insane!!!!" why-oh-why-oh-why am i so
eager to go see a guy a few days earlier than i planned?
i...don't...know. i guess i thought of the surprise it
would give him when i'd phone up tomorrow night and say,"im
heeeere :P" and had a little fantasy that he'd rush right
over to my grandparents' house and sweep me off my feet.
but i should be rational and remember that a guy, even if
he says he cares and you even remotely believe him, can't
just drop what he's doing because you're in the same town
as him. just like i still have to work hard this summer,
harder than i worked last summer, even if im only with him
for 2 months and i want to spend time with him. work and
duties come first this summer, not like last summer, i've
got to get my N and buy a car and gas and insurance so i
can go to lss next year and acheive everything i plan to
work on: my writing protfolio. i told you my counciller
wants to set me up with a youth magazine editor, didn't i?
oh, well, it's one of my hopes that it will go along
smoothly as she said it would, that would be a dream come
true! i really want to get my stuff out there and if this
works then it'll be great!
oww...the other day when i was out in the sun i burnt my
boobs.....*cries* why did he have to jinx me this year?!?!
later days!

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