baby pink
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2003-06-20 02:39:37 (UTC)

19th june what a glorious day :)

hey what a yr eh?
can u belive how fast the yr flew in? this time last yr i
was dreamin bout ma new found love n well tryin to think
bout how to get rid of ma old .....
exactly a yr ago i met brian and back then ma life got more
completcated by the minute, avril lavigne darlin u aint
got a look in trust me..... but it was worth it look at the
result ... i got brian ... what more could i ask 4?

i can remember the day to the very point it weird i was
anervous wreck, so secretive bout it n now i look back n
think bout it bein the happyiest dayz of ma young life...
the worst thin bout it i was workin in the dreaded boots
arghhhh aint i glad i got sacked.... hey at least then i
had a job, a shit one, but stil a job....

I member wakin up that mornin thinkin arghhhhh i dont even
no where he lives, argh i got to call him argh im crazy...
n i was, to meet some one, for the first time, knowin in my
heart, i wanted more, than just a friend ship, even though
i was with steven... is that wrong? or did i know deep down
i never really loved him neway?

u wana no what for first time in my life i can say, in all honestly i
dont no what i cn in steven, i no i was nt physically attractive to
him at first, but he grew to me, but he treated me like shit. Total
shit at that cheated on me, several times... i suppose he was young
what can u expect.....? ill tell u not alot. But its different with
brian, he sexy as fuck .... so nice i sometimes wonder what hes doin
with me he could get ne one.... he makes me feel good, special like
no other guy can and has eva b4 ... I love him,

I love every thing bout him, His hair even though he say it never
sits rite, it does, even wen he had his hat on n its all fluffy I
love it. I love the way he smiles n looks at me wen im not lookin or
so he thinks ... i catch it... or the way he sticks his tongue out
wen hes thinkin bout somethin. he a cutie.... n what more hes ma wee

But strange thing is its not just his looks i love him bfore, how
could it b? I knew i loved him before i met him,strange as it seems i
belive it all the same..... but wen i arrived at his house that first
heart racin, shakin in ma wee trainers i kinda new it seemed rite. I
didnt care, that i barely knew him. I didnt care whether or not i
had work within a few hours. I didntcare that i was with steven toz
for those few hours ... it was only me n him... nothin else... the
way its meant to b...

made some stupid mistakes " F" being one of them..... nearly lost
brian due to it.... glad i didnt but i think everythin happens for a
reason ... fate... so i guess the things that dont kill u make u
stronger... just wish brian could c it like this i no its get to him
n it brings him down just thinkin bout it ... just wish for that
reason i could take it back but i cant can i ?

One msitake i aint gona make is losin him i dont eva wana do that ...

well newayz late here n i is gettin tired n this ramblin of various
thoughts in my head is more fucked than me .... alot then
bed is callin me

XxX BaBy PiNk XxX