kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
2003-06-20 01:48:20 (UTC)

Nothing much

Just thought I would type a bit today. I went on a walk for
my lunch break and nearly got lost. I walked all the way
downtown to a park. There's a big trail that you can walk
around. I took it because I had 15 minutes before I needed
to head back. Let me say I've never been on this trail
before. I went passed the part I needed to get out of the
trail. So I left there about 10 minutes later than I
planned on.

I ended up running part way back to work and just making it
in time. I was worried I was going to be super late. At
one point I wasn't sure if I would make it back till like
half an hour after I was supposed to be back. I did make it

I rewarded myself after my run back by eating some of the
tater tot casserole we were serving at work for lunch. That
is usually good stuff. It was just fine today.

Mom is making some sort of a pork and peaches dish for
dinner. It sounded pretty good.

I am downloading again today. Limewire seems to work ok. I
was getting an ok speed on one of my downloads. Then it
locked up for some reason. I could see it downloading just
fine, but it wouldn't let me click on anything, not even
like the file menu.

Work went well today. I am getting to watch young love
unfold. Well, this guy likes this girl and today he kissed
her. She said she didn't like it and wished he wouldn't do
it again. He kept following her around and asking where she
was. It is quite cute since he is a troublemaker and not an
all around great kid. He has his really bad moments.