the secret life of me.
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2003-06-19 23:04:30 (UTC)

Ahhhhh!! Yes yes yes!!

Dad bought the corvette!!! yeyyyyyyy!! Well, it isn't the
yellow one :o( but this one's still cute. It's dark red (like
our other two cars hehe) with a tan interior. Very nice. I
just have to wait 2 more years until i can drive it! yippie.

Well, while Dad finished the paper-work, mom and I
went shopping at Old Navy. I bought pajamas, a couple
shirts, and jeans (like i needed more). I got them all for
camp. OMG i'm so excited for camp. I don't know that
many people who are going back, but it's probably
because I've only talked to/seen a few people from
camp. Well, at least Kess, Alex, Will, and Max will be
there. yey. wow that was sooo un-enthusiastic.

Anyhoo, I'll probably go watch the swim meet at STC
tonight, since I have nothing else to do.

:-* bye

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