Montana bound
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2003-06-19 18:19:19 (UTC)

Get away

God I can't wait until I get out of this hell hole.
While I was on the computer this morning, my Mom came into
the room and demanded that I get off the computer and get
my chores done first. She then added "You'll enjoy it much
more after you've earned the privelege."
Now, I can understand the philosophy of work first, play
later, and when I have an actual job, I'll apply that to
it. But if it's just something like household chores,
cleaning a place that only an obsessive compulsive neat
mother like mine would see as dirty, I don't give a damn
wether or not it even gets done, let alone if it gets done
before I play.
The only times I can see a use in cleaning up the house
is if I were having company, and that only if it were
company I wanted to impress. Otherwise, why put on the
false image of being all clean and spotless?
I just can't wait until I can get the hell out of here.
Even if I'm still in Utah, at least I'll be out from their
rule. No more watering the Old Man's lawn for him, he can
carry on that lost cause his own damn self. No more
obligations toward the family, I do whatever I want,
whenever and wherever I want, and there won't be a damn
thing they can do about it.
Who would have known three months could be so God damned
long? Well, it's actually two and a half now, but I'm
still pining with impatience to get the Hell out of here
and claim control over my own fucking life!