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2003-06-19 10:18:33 (UTC)

Heaven.......or was it?

Wednesday night I went to meet up with a few people I kinda
know. One was Deano, a guy dj from Birmingham, this guy
called Brendan, who I vaguely know to meet a G-A-Y bar.
Went and said hi, had a few drinks and met Carl, um a
really bitch and feisty character. We then went to Ku-Bar
where we had a few jugs of Sex on the Beach and I had
Blowjob (only £1 ^_^). Then made our way to Heaven, with a
bunch of other people. Danced a bit and yeah had an ok
time. Heaven has lots of different rooms for different
musical tastes, so it was ok. Only downfall is that I left
their way too early, even though I was kinda hammered I was
ok. Got home around 2am, which was kinda early but had a
good time, met some people and well the rest of it as they
say, is history. Laters