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2003-06-19 06:49:47 (UTC)

Run on Oprah

today this happened:

oprah picked the book that brought the book club back!

east of eden
john steinbeck

now i just joined oprah's book club and im filled with a
sense of relief and accomplishment...

lick me

plus i won in scattergories and i am the make 7 master...

fuck man oprah better have some good curry rice on her
travelling show because shes so gonna pick me and im so
gonna want curry rice...

example convo:

oprah: so renzo tell us what you thought of east of
eden? how did it affect you?

renzo: hmm mmm. ya. you know what? where's my curry
rice bitch? like what the fuck is this?

oprah: excuse me?

renzo: forget this you trash talkin rich bitch. i aint
talking till i get my dang curry rice.

oprah: you can leave now young sir.

renzo: pfft. am i outside? is this five college night?

oprah: security! get rid of him! now!

renzo: lets be best friends oprah. you and stedman call
me every five minutes ok! we'll run tog3ether! love you!

oh ya. good clean fun with the O!


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