lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-06-19 06:24:04 (UTC)

fuzzy bedtime stories

from my friendly boyfriends...and when i say boyfriends, you know i
mean boy (SPACE) friends...haha nonetheless...

kyle making me feel like an idiot/such a cool person all at once:

DKTT86: so do you know anything about the recall?
lindsayann17: no...inform me, little political friend
DKTT86: alright heres the deal. there are four potential democratic
candidates for replacing davis
lindsayann17: ok
DKTT86: all liberal bastards of course
DKTT86: but those four arent gonna run because they dont want
look like backstabbers against davis
DKTT86: so the lt gov. bustamante is gonna run for the dems
lindsayann17: ok
DKTT86: against a representative named issa
lindsayann17: ok
DKTT86: but i want senator mcclintock to win. hes the man

thanks buddy. when i say "ok", it's code for "i do not care"


once apon a time there was a guy named ryan that walked over to
31 flavors and ask for a douple scoop ice cream and got hit on
and went with it. then he offended his little "friend" and he said to
look away and never come back. the end.

that's matt u's story...ten times better than kyle's, but equally