the secret life of me.
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2003-06-19 06:23:13 (UTC)

dylan's house!!

yey!! I slept over at Dylan's house 2 nights ago. We
went swimming in her pool for like, 5 hours
(seriously!!!), and then watched the Harry Potter movie.
Dylan fell asleep on the couch during the movie, so
after she finally woke up we moved into her bedroom
and we both fell asleep in about 2 minutes. oh yes, in
between dinner anad more swimming, we washed her
rats! they are soooo cute, except one has a huge tumor
and the other leans to the side because of the stroke it
had :-(. is that not sad?! We got breakfast at PCC, and
then ate it while we walked back to Dylan's house.
Then we played pinball and ate cheese sticks (yeyyyy! i
love cheese sticks!) until i had to leave.

later that afternoon i went shopping at bartell's for a
bunch of shampoo, toothbrushes, etc (just bathroom
shit). I also bought hair dye, and then dyed my hair right
when i got home!! yey. now my hair is... well.... medium
blonde, but the orange streaks are still there (from the
henna stacy used). ya know, blondes really do have
more fun. i can tell you that from experience, since i
have been a blonde, a brunette, AND a red-head. hehe
i just love being blonde!! :-D sry enough about blondes.

well, i watched about 8 hrs of tv today, and ate the most
wonderful boca cheese burger for dinner. ha don't ask.
it tasted yummmy.

god i miss page!!!

I'M SOOOOO EXCITED FOR CAMP! i can't describe my
happiness in words, so i will go dance around in the
moonlight and sing songs and eat marshmellows. oh
yum i love marshmellows!

bye bye!

luv, mell :-*

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