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2003-06-19 05:32:35 (UTC)

Interviews, Movies, Books, and The Like

I interviewed a VERY cute guy for an open stock position.
Ex-Marine, educated, tall, and RED HAIR. I didn't realize
how attracted I am to guys with red hair until today. He
has pale skin just like me and if we had children I swear
they'd be see-through. He also is smart and wiley as he
figured out VERY quickly that the way to get me to give
him something (ie, a job) is to flirt shamelessly. Good
thing I looked a tiny bit decent today. I hope the manager
likes him.

I've also decided that I need to make better use of the $2
movie theatre across from my store. I have a bunch of
movies to catch up on. I just started a new book as well
called "Lamb, or the Gospel according to Biff". Very funny
so far, about Jesus sending an angel to raise his
childhood friend Levi (called Biff) from the dead to write
about the Savior as a child. So far, the first 6 pages are

There is a free movie in the park tomorrow (Thursday) that
I have cajoled a few of my friends to attend with me. We
will be having a picnic dinner before hand. I just pray
that it won't rain.

I'm going to Boston, have I mentioned that? *grinning*