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2003-06-19 05:17:09 (UTC)

News about people

Hello again. I have some news about various people that I
just have to share. First off I must say that yesterday was
Dave's birthday so we all went out drinking. We met up at a
bar in Seattle and had a great time.

I got to meet Elissa for the first time. That was
interesting. I really think she is a great girl. I don't
see their marriage lasting more than 10 years though. I
want to go on record for having said that so when it
dissolves or they never get married I can show this to Dave.

She is a really nice girl and I like her, but I see them
both moving on to bigger and better things. It seems like
maybe they are both just in it for the sex. I haven't heard
much about her from him so he must not want to talk about her.

Dave got very drunk and was having a great time. Just as I
predicted last night he doesn't remember much if anything
today. He groped Cal for a bit and was really admiring her
nice rack. She mentioned it to him today and he must have
honestly turned beat red at work. It sounded from what he
said to her like he was super sorry and wished he hadn't
done it.

She was not upset and infact enjoyed being groped by him. I
know i would. I got around 5 or 6 hugs from him. Right
when I walked in with Jay, Thomas, and John...Dave attacked
me in a huge hug. That is when I saw Cal was there.

Jay tried to go after this girl Sharon that Dave dated for a
short bit once. Dave is not happy today that Jay even tried
to talk it up with Sharon. We walked her back to her car
last night and I think she honestly liked having
conversation with Jay so I think she will find a way to hang
out with him sometime.

cal is in love. Well, she has an online friend who told her
he loves her. She is going to drive out to see him this
summer. I was so happy when she told me. I was yelling and
screaming for joy when she told me.

I had three drinks last night. Two Fat Tire beers and a rum
and coke. We started off at a bar and then went to another
bar that had a bunch of pool tables.

Ok, I'm home for the summer. The scary thing is I'm getting
download speeds like 3 times as fast here with crappy
dial-up then I was getting at school. That shows how much
the school has limited the use of Kazaa. I am now
downloading Limewire onto this computer so I can see what
files it has to offer. Even if I can't use it at school
since the school has outlawed it so it won't connect.

When I get my Powerbook I plan to sit outside the Apple
Store at Bellevue Square and use their internet with
Limewire and see if I can get some super speeds.

I got Limewire and I'm trying it out. I am now trying to
get Windows Media Player 9. I need that so I can view all
of my files. I might have to download it another night
though. It's going really slowly.

I guess I will start heading to bed. Five AM is early to be
up, but I'm loving being off work by 3:30 PM.

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