A day in the life....
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2003-06-19 05:05:51 (UTC)


Hi Everyone~
I'm slowly but surely getting indoctrinated into "real
life" and i'm still in college! I'm learning more and more
about money management, planning, balancing time and
budgets, love, friends, and school.
I'm now looking for an internship, a paying one
preferrably, thinking about where i will be in just 11
months..*shudders*...and it's kinda scary. I mean, i'm not
sure where the past 3 soon to be 4 years have gone. So much
has happened, not all good but mostly so. It just seems odd
to me to think about how i'm going to graduate college,
possibly get married, find a job, pay off student loans,
find a place to live, deal with insurance, pay off a truck,
and still enjoy life and do activities. It's a bit
overwhelming. I pray and i ask God to guide me as i go
through this life, and He's helping reveal the answers to
some of my questions, but some are still mysteries.
Life is...Life. Never let anyone tell you that you're too
young or that you've not experience "real" life, 'cause i'm
telling you now that if you deal with people, money,
eating, watching TV, exercising, or any number of things
once a day; you are indeed living "real" life. Life is what
we make of it, so make it something good, and make it
something Beautiful. Take chances, know that you WILL make
mistakes. Above all, treasure friendships and Love. That's
all you need in this world. It's because of those two
things that i am so richly blessed. I love you all!
(Especially you, Brian Scott Sanders) *smiles* Now let's
stop staring at our computer screens and really do
something. Get out and play! Have Fun! Enjoy this world we
live in and make the most of every day. God bless!