hello kitty cat
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2003-06-19 00:39:00 (UTC)


So I took Kita to the vet, I ended up spending fucking $200
on her...$50 were for her annual shots..the other $150 were
for her worms and earmites....Sam told me the only way she
could have gotten them is from Stephanie's dog Ophelia..and
that I need to talk to her about taking better care of her
dog and what not, but it's really not my fucking place to
tell her....they told me there was no way she could have
gotten worms/mites from anything besides Ophelia...which is
fucking strange because Ophelia didn't have mites..they
were like "well Ophelia could have picked up mites that are
only attracted to cats and passed them on as if they were
fleas.." bla bla bla...I'm so fucking tired of the
bullshit. I'm pissed I had to fucking pay $150 I probably
wouldn't have had to pay if Stephanie would have taken care
of her dog. I know she doesn't mean any harm, and I lvoe
the girl to death..but jesus. Some guy asked me on a date
tonight..I want Mike. I don't want to hang out with anyone
but Mike right this moment. I want a hug from him. I want
him to ask me for a kiss. I called him like a half an hr
ago and he didn't pick up, I'm sure there is a reason for
that. He fucking crushes me. I don't know why I came back
to Austin for a man. I wish he didn't feel so right to me.I
don't know what the hell is going on in my life right now.
I have no one to fall back on, I just spent money I dont'
have...I need some comfort in my life. Why do I attract
this kind of stuff in my life? I'm hurt, I am frustrated, I
feel alone, I feel like no one cares, I feel broken.