Wo ist Amanda?
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2003-06-18 21:09:13 (UTC)


Ok, so I am going out with this 14 year old (almost 15).
He is not actually allowed to date, and we got in trouble
once already for going out before. But, we just couldn't
help after MUCH drama, we are "back
Knowing that, here is something else: he's a virgin...
well, he WAS a virgin...until a couple days ago. I kinda
took his 'V'. He wanted me to....I swear.
Well, the other day, he came to my house, and almost got caught by
his parents. So, I thought that basically this is too much drama for
such a young life. It just can't be right to put someone through
this lying business when they still have a chance to keep the trust,
ya know?
Anyways, my problem is simply this: I don't want to lose him, cause
I care about him...and I don't want to break his heart, especially
after losing his virginity to me. However, I think we NEED to break
up, so that this shit doesn't get nominated for best soap opera of
the year! Besides, stress can be a real killer...seriously. Oh, and
I'm going to Florida (I live in Cali) for a month and a half........

So, does anyone have advice??? Cause all I could come up with is to
just cheat and eventually I'd stop caring about him and I'd be ABLE
to break it off. HELP!!!

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