Welcome to own demise
2003-06-18 20:47:17 (UTC)

the more it will spin, the more that I try, to stop my mind flowing away, away

omg omg omg omg

so my mom found out yesterday bout albert and i and um our
um oral habits? oh dear lord!! i was so scared she was
gonna tell albert he couldnt come out here.

shes making me stay out friday night bc shes gonna have her
man over..... i'll remember that.

im so bored... im baking brownies..... i got some bad ass
cramps :( tell me why my period is only gonna be like 2
days long again this month. ew i hate pads tho. i hate em i
hate em i hate em!! :(

im so bored!!!!!!! imma go call someone.....bug em.