forever changing
2003-06-18 19:23:08 (UTC)

i got a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i got a car!!!!!!!!
i got my first car on monday i am so stoked. it is a 89
ford escort ...i love it! it is weird though because part
of me feels like i should not have a car yet that i am
still a kid and i should act like it but then i realize
that i am 16 i am no longer a child i am ready to be slowly
pushed into the world and figure out what is best for me.
it is a weird feeling knowing that this ca is mine. i paid
for it . i smogged it. i regitsered it. i paid for all of
the above it was money i had worked my butt off for and i
now own a car! i also got an atm card too! wow so much
well iam not really sure if i had mentioned this before but
i talked to my mom about getting on birth control and so
she was goin to get me an appointment with a gyno, but then
remembered on my insurance that i have an hmo and so in
order to see the gyno i would have to switch my primary
care physician, whih takes two weeks to proccess well i am
leaving for south dakota for a family reunion in one week
from today so ... tomarrow i am goin to have mike come with
me to the clinic. (this would be another reason i know that
i am not a child anymore)
ummm my relationship with my dad is ok. i have not stayed
the night at his house nor do i intend to but last night
after polo i went over to his house to show him my car and
i looked at jesse's shells with him and it was cool. i miss
that child i wish i could drive him so that i could take
him to see finding nemo or something but i guess that will
have to wait. ummm well i don't know what else to write at
the moment but i will write more hopefully before i depart
for s. dakota. :( well so long for now...