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2003-06-18 18:37:57 (UTC)

Bible Thumping Fury!

...So I'm listening to the talk radio this morning and
being debated is non other than long over due legalization
of same-sex marriage ruling. Now, apparently there were
some undemocratic processes involved in this decision, but
that aside, Its about time.

Anyways, I'm listening away to the radio and there was
caller after caller of disgruntled christian bible thumpers.

There a few things in this world that annoy me more than
ignorant and preachy religious followers (especially
christians as I have had the most expirience with them).

This one guy calls and starts exclaiming that this is an
extremely bad idea, having homosexual marriages will taint
the marital institution. Taint the marital institution eh?
Maybe he neglets to realize that the western world accounts
for the highest divorce rates in the entire planet. Until
death do you part? And what about domestic abuse? ...
Obviously that dude was out to lunch.

Another freting christian dials in and says that the
church's stance on homosexuality and this rule has been
around for some 5000 odd years and it would be foolish to
recognize gay marriage. Hmmmm. There were also archaic
rules that didn't designate blacks and women as people at
one point. Among other ridiculous things. Lets be realistic
buddy, societies are built for progression.

And then, proving the lack of substance behind the anti-gay
marriage argument, angry chrisitans were reduced to asking
retarded things like. So who are the kids named after? and
Who is the mommy and who is the daddy?

Now, I have my qualms with the maritial institution to
begin with, in fact I think it's a status quo mine feild.
But no one should be denyed the right to marry if they so
choose. Marriage is the legal unification of two people who
usually love each other. Quabbling over what the two parts
of that equation are is an unjustified and overall stupid
practise. So congrats to those with unorthadox orientations
and three cheers to a step closer to equality.

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