would the world stop spinning
2003-06-18 16:39:51 (UTC)

maybe you could keep me up in bed...

*listining to konstantine by something corporate*

i suppose i'm kicking myself in the ass a little today...
i'm wondering why i havn't set my standards higher in the
past,i know that i am much better than alot of people that
i have been with. jesus that makes me sound concided as all
hell,but alas it's true. caela may be one of two people who
have been too good for me,crazy as it may be she's with me
tho.nothing makes me happier..this is the first time i've
been able to just take it slow,enjoy the sceanery(sp?)...
just take things day by day...............
i'm the kinda person who would keep a monthly planer cuz i
needed to know where my life was going,i don't care
anymore...i just want it to go.....
i'm relizing more and more over the last week,i really
didn't know as much about life as i thought i did.
i have nothing right now,except room to grow and learn.
i want to experience all the things i've been afraid to, i
wanna feel the scariest emotions and figure out how to LIVE
not just stay alive.

*sings* and walking down the stairs,
doesn't she look good standing in her underwear....and i
was thinking,i was thinking...weve been drinking and it
doesnt get me anywhere. my konstantine..came walking down
the stairs....and all i could do was touch her long blond