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2003-06-18 16:23:35 (UTC)

It went all right

My exam went allright, thank Good. For a while I sow the
life I had planned for my self disapear. I was so scared
and nervous and though I never would make it. The
examination went so bad that I though I was going to fail.

Tommy was a great support during these days, I had a bad
night the night before we got to knew wich subject I was
having the exam in, then I cryed for hours when I knew (and
I always get sleepy of that) The next night was even worse,
and I had to get up early to go to work. I feelt so sorry
for my self then. But then I went to his place, and I
sleept much better next to him, so much better that he came
home with me the night before my exam. I tryed to read, but
not as hard as if it was any other subjects, you can read
your self to an answer, but not to learn a language. But I
did try my best.

Afther the examination I had to wait til the girl afther me
was finished before I got to know the gade. I was sure I
had failed, but was hoping for a 2. (6 is the best and less
than 2 is fail) Im not god at speaking french, but I did so
many stupid mistakes that I know better. I said Je ai, when
it was soupse to be elle. (me instead of her) I talked
about economisation when it really was about ecologisation.
I tryed a few times to answer when the teacher asked me
qeation, but I could not say the words, or I said it wrong.
So mostley I just said oi, noded or worst of all, repited
afther her! *lol*

Then I got back in to the sesor and she smiled and
said "we`re in a good mood today" yes I though, please say
I get a 2. Im giving you a three she said!!!
I was so happy, I`ve never been happy about a three before,
5 and six are good grades for me, fire okey but less are
bad! When I got out in the hall agen I was so glad that I
started to cry and my french teacher came and huged me

Its been a crazy weekend. Yesterday we had a kind of goode
bye party, it was students, tecahers and parents. Now
everything is over I hope. I dont know my grades for the
three written exams, but I dont think I have faild, I`ve
never failed on one of the tests.

Love Angel.