SuGaR RuSh
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2003-06-18 16:08:24 (UTC)

yearlong winter

ahhhhhhh!!!!! its drivin me mad!!!! the lady said shed send
me a packet 4 all this thinkin ill get it on like
monday....i get this HUGE package 2day like express was insane and im like goin threw it...and i want
a bachlor degree and imm readin all the classes ill havta
take 2 get it...*reading*reading*....!!!!!!! *reads:
chemistry*...... fukkk nooo way im takin chem
againnnnnn......and then i will have 2 take a diff kinda
chem and i will have 2 take 2 kinds of psy. again...and
socic. and like some electives r like history and like
western culture....WTF....ill only take history if mr veith
is teachin it and i dun think he is...ugh....thats enough
bitchin 4 now....dude last nite was so ma boop
and jd went 2 eat'n'park cuz we r cheap...and chow was
workin and we were talkin 2 him then this nice waiter comes
over and hes way nice, and hes like since yenz know ryan
yezn an go 2 the salad bar and i wont charge you guys, and
were like cool. and then he brings us all these sticky buns
and cheese bread and then were like gunna dye and we didnt
even get the food we ordered and then he brings us the
check and hes like i did what i could 4 u guys, and were
like heyyyy lol so he didnt charge us 4 drinks and then hes
like u can get dessert on the house and then he came over
and have us smiley cookies 4 free....were like holy god its
good bein friends w/ so that guy got a
very nice tip lol it was nice....yeah well my leg is itchy
and i need 2 find sumthin 2 do 2day so ill write later

fuk ya later