would the world stop spinning
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2003-06-18 14:13:30 (UTC)

to the quick

ever hear someone say the broke their nail to the quick?
it is the point where you start bleeding if it breaks beond
that place... i learned how it would feel if you had one
for your entire self and it had been cut way below that
place. i'm tring to take out stock with band-aid to start a
healing process and then i learn it's going to need
stitches instead.
it's hard to find the beauty in things right now,but some
how i'm still seeing color,just in duller shades.
ya know you don't get the same kinda rest on nights that
you've cried yourself to sleep,i wonder why not,you think
you'd be drained and kinda pass out,but istead you toss and
i wanted caela in my bed last night,i sleep good with her
beside me. i see her color the brightest...
she's maid me smile through all my tears.

show me,show me,show me.. how you do that trick... the one
that makes me scream she said,the one that makes me love
she said....and threw her arms around my neck.
show me how you do it and i promise,i promise that i'll run
away with you.
-just like heaven