random mumblings
2003-06-18 12:18:16 (UTC)


i went out for beers with my friend Anderson last night
and was pleasantly surprised to find that they had the
tallboy beers for $1.99, which made it easy to get all
liquored up and still come home with cash :) in any case,
we were chatting and it became clear to me that he is
becoming more religious and he commented that maybe that's
what our generation is missing...religion. he gave
examples of people with the house, kids, mortgage, car,
etc. who feel empty, and maybe something like religion is
what's missing. he agreed with me that the most important
thing is definitely happiness, and he commented that where
organized religion went wrong was in stressing the
unimportant things like gay marriages, or celibacy amongst
priests, or the fight against science in creation or
whatever. it's all about love, and somewhere in all the
muck, it stopped being about love and organized religion
became about politics and money and garbage. maybe i
won't go back to church, but maybe i'll take up reading
about it again. i do feel empty and maybe God or faith or
whatever can help