lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-06-18 07:17:20 (UTC)


listen to me now and hear me later...we are put here on this earth
to serve God. those of us who believe in Jesus should be doing
that...working and trying to model our lives after His. and we
should be trying to influence each other. i don't care if you think
my opinions should be my opinions, because to a certain point it's
necessary to open up conversation about things that are essential
to those guys and the rest of their lives. duh, i wasn't planning on
changing their lives overnight or anything, i just don't want
someone shouting the f-word without realizing what they're
saying...and why it's vulgar. eh. but don't get mad at me for
voicing my opinion...maybe it's uncool for me to actually open my
mouth and not go with the crowd, but i'm not sorry. if i
embarrassed you, it's way more your problem than it is mine.

and the comments just continued to annoy why would you
make fun of someone for being a virgin? or for believing that
something can be right and something can be wrong? amorality is
the most hideous thing...

and also...why on earth would my brother sit there and say "who
decides what's right and what's wrong?" i mean, maybe he was
trying to open a door for conversation...but it sounded pretty rotten
to me...argh.

one of those nights that reminded me why i believe what i
believe...and reminded me that certain people are STUPID.