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2003-06-18 04:16:37 (UTC)

cavorting beasties

I thought, apparently boys like me now. This could be grand-
I can get free food and drugs and rides. The trouble with
that is that then they want to touch me and won't leave me
alone. This is my impression of conventional dating. It's
Art history class boy drove me home. I don't want to talk
about it. All right, I do. I tricked him into coming
outside to "see my cat" and then saying mockingly "well,
since we're outside anyway, maybe you should leave now".
Then he said something I liked, "Why are you like this?!
What happened to you?", to which I responded
sarcastically, "I don't know. I'll sort it all out in
psychology class".
I love presenting myself as an icy condescending anti-
social bitch in my own diary.
I wish I could be a slut. I'm just not capable of it.
Moving on...
Psychology class is fun. The teacher asks answerless
questions in her psuedo-accent like, "what IS
conciousness?", then we all look around as we pretend to
ponder human nature while we're really looking at the clock
and the door. Then class is over and we're 2 hours closer
to getting some tastey college credits.
Art History is dull. We look at slides in the dark. We're
not allowed to fall asleep, but we can drink coffee.
I'm learning things though, and that's enjoyable in itself.