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2003-06-18 03:32:50 (UTC)

Being Bucked Off Clears My Head

It's true...Blue's little lesson on the laws of gravity
have really changed my opinion...actually no...I think
TIME just cooled me off a bit. Since I need the car to go
home I'm just chilling instead of writing cuz I'm pissed yeah. Still nothing great...I mean waterpark was
ok...I got to squish in the front with her so that was
nice...she's like "I think you should come..." I should
have asked why...but didn't. And then we were in the hot
tub and this girl came up in this like seethrough bathing
suit (bikini) and she's like "there's a suit for you..."
but when I asked her why she thought that should be my
swim suit she said she couldn't hear me...*shrugs*.
Ummmm I went off on my own a lot...I don't think anyone
was super chatty though...we split supper...I dunno. I
feel like we're almost going through the motions but
there's like nothing or more than we're saying...
Saw her Monday and she looked H*O*T...Goddamn it-how am I
expected to get over her when she looks like that? *sigh*
and I's sorta a bla week...I mean, GW's is
better than last week but still not overly enthralling...
On a funnier note...I told DLee that she could ride Rori
instead cuz I like her better than Z as a rider I
mention that to "her" and she's like "well Z was also
hoping to ride him" and I'm like "yeah but I would rather
Dlee ride him than Z" and she just sorta looked at
me...she's so obvious friend favoritism over riding
ability...I wonder if she realizes how much she favors
people that are her friends-or that at least suck up to
And I got to ride Foxy and Creme the other day...Sunday
was nice that way...she hung around until like 10
30...just talking with me while we grazed her
that was kinda nice... puppy looks so cute sleeping next to me on the
AM-I figured out musical ride...if you don't phone me will happen considering you wont
probably even read this before tomorrow...
and we were talking about your "hippy" boyfriend today at
GW's lol :D

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