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2003-06-18 03:28:03 (UTC)

Thoughts and Such

I've been reading Naked by David Sedaris for the last day
or so. Wonderful insights into his life, from the
hysterical to the depths of despair. The ideas run rampant
through the stories and I have no idea how they end up
where they do considering where they start. But I loved
every one.

But what gets me is that he has so many more 'stories'
than I do. Someone in his family was wiping their ass with
the bath towels instead of toilet paper. Gross, yes. But
interesting nonetheless. I had a rabbit who chewed through
electrical cords. Not quite as interesting.

I guess what I'm trying to do is see things in a different
light. To try to do new things. There's a story about his
going to a nudist camp even though the only time he was
ever naked was in the shower and never had any need to be
naked at all.

If I don't decide to actually move somewhere, I am
planning on buying a car in the next 3 months or so.

This is all very random.