hello kitty cat
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2003-06-18 02:51:49 (UTC)

I'm an idiot.

CzarinaPulseczar: what ar eyou doing now?

Sadistic: sitting here thinking

CzarinaPulseczar: about what?

Sadistic: you don't want to know

CzarinaPulseczar: tel me anyway

Sadistic: I'm really fucking depressed

CzarinaPulseczar: I'm kinda down too

CzarinaPulseczar: anything in particular?

Sadistic: yeah....

Sadistic: rejection

Sadistic: it's beyond me..

Sadistic: i'm not ugly.... i'm not retarted

CzarinaPulseczar: it sucks

Sadistic: why the FUCK am I single

CzarinaPulseczar: me to

CzarinaPulseczar: o

Sadistic: shut up, you have someone that at least
compliments you and fucks you....... I fuck my hand and
take pics of myself trying to get people to comment on them

CzarinaPulseczar: dude you have no idea

CzarinaPulseczar: it almost hurts more to be so close to
what I want..but then not being able to have it

CzarinaPulseczar: you're a good looking guy

Sadistic: bullshit... your fucking could
have anyone

CzarinaPulseczar: you can get women

CzarinaPulseczar: no I couldnt'

Sadistic: I get girls in Austin.. .but they bore me

CzarinaPulseczar: because the guy I love didn't even
call me back today...

CzarinaPulseczar: yeah well welcome to my life

CzarinaPulseczar: I want someone to blw me away other
than's not least guys are
attracted to like 5 chicks a day..I haven't seen a guy I'd
go out with in a long I really don't see it

Sadistic: then date someone else... tha's what I did...
and the girl I love hung herself...get someone better

CzarinaPulseczar: I have dated tons..I can't even bring
myself to kiss anyone...someone be better than mike?--..I
am really in love with sucks I need to get over
myself..or I guess HIM.

CzarinaPulseczar: damn

CzarinaPulseczar: taht ucks

Sadistic: yeah... well now welcome to MY life

CzarinaPulseczar: I'm sorry

CzarinaPulseczar: that's really shitty

Sadistic: fuck it... story of my life

CzarinaPulseczar: :-(

Sadistic: and then I get turned down by girls like you
that I'd give my left NUT to satisfy 24/7

CzarinaPulseczar: I didn't turn you down

CzarinaPulseczar: I told you I dont' want to be with

CzarinaPulseczar: but Mike

CzarinaPulseczar: I need to get over him before I move
on..if that happens lol

Sadistic: then what better way than with me?

CzarinaPulseczar: because that's not how it is

CzarinaPulseczar: I need to get over him

CzarinaPulseczar: before I move on--I need to realize
his feelings aren't going to change...but I love being
with him so much, I want him in my life...

Sadistic: move on I'll help you

CzarinaPulseczar: I'm sure you would lol

CzarinaPulseczar: but I just don't do it like that

Sadistic: always a time to start

CzarinaPulseczar: I don't want to ignore my
feelings...that's it....