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2003-06-18 01:55:27 (UTC)

This week...:(

Hey, im back to talk about my boring self again...{in other
words I had nothing else to do}

Some people are soo weird, its not even funny! I was
talking to this guy on the internet sunday night,and I
thought it was my cousin that worked for the fire
department. It was but I was thinking of the other cousin
{have like 3 that works there} Then he asked me for my # &
I thought he already knew it...but I guess not...{thinking
it waz my cousin} I give him my number...but then when he
waz getting ready to leave... he asked me who it was. So
after that question...I freaked out!!!{who would have
thought of me doing such a thing?}

On the other hand, since school has been out I'v been
sitting around thinking about how Im going to get through
next year with out a certin person...I'v still yet to
figure that one out. Then again, my mom tried to help me
out on that one sunday...but I really dont want to go with
her advise.:(:( *sit's and listen's to If you're not the
one* ...but that just comes to tell me how good of an
inspector I am...:P *thinks...I really need to stop some of
the stuff I do!*

Well, there was something else that went on with me this
weekend...but I really dont feel like typing it out right
now...So if you want to read it then, just go to my

Talk to people l8er


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