Gay, London and Oriental. Take A Look ;)
2003-06-18 01:26:29 (UTC)

This week plans

Well its been a funny week this week, alot has happened and
alot is going to happen. Wednesday I'm going clubbing up
london, with a few people, should be fun. Today I spoked to
this guy called Nahum from Greenwich, he sounded so fun to
talk to and we have lots in common. I'm alot more cautious
of people since my last incident. I'm interested in him and
I do like him and he likes me, we'll see how we go from
there. This Sunday is my BIRTHDAY, YAY. Lots of people are
going and its going to be a huge picnic in Greenwich Park,
its going to be a nice thing to have and I'll be reunited
with my friends, well see you later, tell you how clubbing
is tomorrow night ;). Bye