Dick Doomsday

Pathetic Punk
2003-06-18 01:25:32 (UTC)

i'm tired and very sore

well ive been kinda sick lately. it sucks.

hmmm...today worked sucked. we were really busy. and we're
still trying to cut labor so there wasnt many of us there
when we were busy. so yeah it sucked.

hmmm....oh yeah. hung out with john, pat, matt, and bryan
like last thursday. it was fun. john and i made out. and
that was it.

hmmm...uh....talked to mark. he might be getting a job at
barona. thats cool.

ummmm...got my paycheck. think i might try and go buy a
car. this check i got five hundred. which is cool. so yeah.
if i go to that dealership i just have to put 300 down and
i drive away with a car. woot woot.

ummm...so yeah. imma go now. see what mark is doing. maybe
take a nap. maybe even go to bed early. i just feel like
crap. been popping pills like crazy.

lost another 10 pounds. woot woot. starving never tasted so

well i better get going.