Nick's Journal
2003-06-17 17:11:00 (UTC)

The great message of Rap

i'm getting kind of sick of conservative politicians (who
i usually love more than pussy itself), lambash
rap. "it's so hateful, it propogates violence, and that
is just wrong". riiiiiiiiiiiiiight dan quayle. i think
more than enough "patriotic, white, american, protestant
(i think), cowboys" advocate hate and violence mroe than
see the problem with rap is that only the worst side of it
comes on mtv and bet, which are essentially the puppets
that transmit the message......whoops sounding too hippy
here. but there are more than enough rappers out there
who can outsmart you stupid fuckign politicians and
hippies with your didactic demeanor and asinine agendas.
why don't you stop rolling along the paths set out for you
and actually piss someone off? asswipes.
listen to these two songs -
goodie mob - still standing
mr. LIF - home of the brave
the first is the name of the artist the second is the name
of the song. listen to those and tell me that rap is
incapable of delivering any decisive ideas, in a fluid and
eloquent manner.
what of course is a re-current theme about rap songs along
these lines, is that they display care for their race
(first and foremost, so they're, who cares
so is everyone else), secondly, they want to make you
aware. like tupac's my block...........
anyhow, i'm not a big fan of rap and i hate all this
stupid bullshit they play on the radio (ja-rule, and every
other stupid fuck that spouts some idiotic "pop" rock hip
hop, blend of bullshit). nelly. phew.
i dont' want to elevate any rapper to the status of an
idol, they're all crooks that hurt and kill, to me they
are no more respectable than the over-priced steel reserve
they drown their sorrows in. but i think that there is a
skewed perception and people are scared. the main reason
we are scared (yes i know you learned this in psychology)
is most likely un-familiarity. i think there is a
parallel between the laughter we give towards the familiar
(freudian explanation i know), and the shudder of fear
accompanied with ignorance.
along those lines it is completely impossible to go to
kroger and taco bell within 10 mins. not only will
someone try to steal your order at taco bell, but the
cashier at kroger will engage you an enrapturing
conversation of how she got the name "dreama". oh...and
old people? they can change direction with the agility
of UFO. i almost had two under my wheels.