Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2003-06-17 14:20:09 (UTC)


i wake up
put on my make up
pick up the phone
nobodys home
and i need to break out
give me some take out
standing side the crowd
i wanna scream out loud
i'll be ok


That is how i feel today....kinda bored, shitty, tired. I
went to school just for a few minutes..i had to clean out
my locker and hand-in my summer school sheet...i should be
studying, but i dont wanna...just wanna listen to music...
I really like this new band "lillix"...they're
Canadian :D ...my fav. songs by them
are "tomorrow" , "sick", "because" and "its about time".

Yesterday, my teacher said a speach. Basically telling us
that women have the chance to do anything..then asked if
anyone wants to be the lighting crew....eh...i didnt wanna
do it...but then he said that we get pizza
parties..lol..food is good!!!!..but food isnt the only
reason why i signed up....cuz im thinking of going into
filming, if my nursing stuff doesn't happen..cuz to go into
unvi. i need atleast a B in chem. and bio....thats gonna be
pretty hard...meh...i dunno...im gonna go, maybe watch
tlc.. :D a baby story...awwww...lol...toodles

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