Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2003-06-17 07:29:49 (UTC)

Lost love..... again

Hey, well things have been shaping up around the house
so far at my house. I wish something good would happen just
ONE time that would change my life forever. You know, like
winning the lottery, or meeting the girl of my dreams like
I always thought about. Yesterday, my grandmother was stung
by a nest of bees. She says shes ok for now and everything,
but I'm still worried. I'm so glad she didn't die... my
life would have ended so fast...
Something else important happend the other day also...
The day before yesterday, Astrid said something like...
someone asked her out, but then she said that she was taken
with someone else. I got suprised when she said that. Then
I asked who it was. She told me to guess, but I was
like...there must be a thousand guysout there... but after
a few guesses, I was suprised it was me!
Anyway, the other day I couldn't stop thinkng
about her, and I thought about asking her out. I talked to
Malinde, and she said to do what my heart tells me. I am a
lonely type of guy though, so I decided to tell Astrid,
well... you know. I've only had one girlfriend my whole
life so far, and we broke up in a week! That, and she does
live in Florida, so it would be hard to have a true
relationship with Astrid.
I went along and played things out though, and talked
to her. I told her that I was in love with her. She... said
that no one had ever said that to her before. But she
was... I don't know. Maybe she was in sort of a shocked
state. I could sense something. The thing is, she didn't
say that she "liked" me too... So, what my heart tells me
as of now is that... we're still JUST friends... Thats why
I'm depressed now, and a little hurt. But its my own stupid
fault for even bringing it up. I shouldn't have dropped a
bomb on her like that. I'm such an idiot! Besides,
maybe.... just maybe if I was talking to her in person, it
might've just worked out.
I still love her. And you know, at the same time i
love Malinde also. Malinde would be like... a dream
girlfriend. But Astrid is so similar with me! Oh well, I
have to try and get over this, or I'll regret it later.
Well, thats another stupid ending to anther sad part of my
life. Ill write again sometime. Later

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