American Spirit
2003-06-17 04:19:53 (UTC)

I am sorry i couldn't come

I couldn't go downstairs tonight with all thats raging
through my head. Needed sometime to cry and carry on. My
mother is ripping away from me and monday nights are just
like plays till papa leaves then the horror of truth comes
out. I know they wanted me to succeed but they set me up
to fail. I don't want to go back there again but i may
have to. I am sorry i forgot the paper. I am sorry i
can't make everything better. My crazy baby is somewhere
in ohio and i wish she were on line cause i want to talk to
her. I know i should be stronger than this but I'm not.
And life just keeps throwing more things at me threes and
fours and fives come at me like the world lost what number
it was supposed to trouble in. I hope that the phone is
not for me and if it is i hope it's her.