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Pillow Of Your Bones
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2003-06-17 03:27:24 (UTC)

...falling forever...

i have such a boring life! lol

i feel bad...sgt. reese called today asking what i had
decided and i told him i think im just gonna go in ROTC
instead of the reserves. i felt bad. he sounded kinda
disappointed. i guess i shouldnt have let him think i was
really interested. i kinda was...just not totally. and i
really wanted to take the asvab lol. i did do good on it.
hahaha...except for that one question in the auto
section...i sure suprised that sgt when he saw my score
tho! ha!...shows him for laughing at me!! hehehe lol. j/k
i got some of my shit done for college. thats good. lauras
in tallahassee w.her mom right now. till tomorrow i think.
i gotta go up there soon too. orientation or something.
i finally cashed my check [from friday]. then i went
shopping. i got a pair of shoes from payless for $5 :):)
hehehe. i love shoes. believe it or not, i didnt have a
pair of brown sneakers [before today :)]! i went there
looking for a new pair of sandals but oh well. and then i
went to the scrapbook store! hehehe...i spend too much
money there!!!! i got some cute stuff tho!!! i got a AF
background and some army print letters for an ROTC page in
scrapbook #2...and 'safari' pic border stickers to match
the safari letters i got the other day for my 'my
apartment!' page in #2...and golf-print velum for a
background to a pic of my dad...and some REALLY cute
pirate stickers! lol! i guess a couple people would know
why i would need a pirate flag for a page in scrapbook #1
*sigh* lol...oh! and i got the cutest lil people! for
monica and chris lol. the bride and groom. [yikes!]
*sigh* i need a dress!!! the engagement party is next
well i gtg.