taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2003-06-17 02:10:12 (UTC)

The sorry state of western entertainment via television

So it's a lazy Monday evening and me, not having any
intentions of doing any substantial activity, decided to
grace the television, uhh, 'cableways' with my presence.
Yes, that will work. And what I found wasen't overly
shocking, nothing really is anymore, but nonetheless left
me to shake my perverbial head in shame and disgust.
However, don't take my word for it, consider these eloquent
examples from the network leading the charge of
shoddy 'entertainment', FOX:

Exibit A: 'Outrageous Celebrity Look-Alike Behaviour
(caught on tape)'
The basic premise of this winner is pretty obvious. They
have random people who look relatively firmiliar to random
celebrities/stars/icons acting in strange, unforseen ways.
(i.e. a Bill Clinton look-alike asking a movie store clerk
to pick out a racey adult video for him.) I think the Fox
management team was really onto something here, but they
kinda blew it in their delivery. They could have at least
had some pink fur dyed polar bears doing backflips in the
backround or various things blowing up, y'know, to make it
REALLY outrageous. ... Seriously now, what the fuck are
they thinking. What has the pursuit of profit come too? Ok,
that one is way to easy to poke fun at.

Exibit B: 'Anything For Love'
Ok, so your marriage is on the rocks, you live in America,
and you want to find out if you can salvage it. What do you
do? Why you phone up the helpful operators at 'Anything For
Love' headquarters, tell them your problem, get on the
show, attempt a cuh razy stunt in order to show
your 'better half' how much you 'love' them.
(i.e. striping for your sexually distracted husband at the
local strip joint), and then have your emotions pimped on
international television. ... Right. Har Har. Why!? For
goodness sakes, nobody watch that show. It has scared me
in ways not even a cattle prod can.

But these are only two examples. I invite everyone to go
out and pick your favourite examples of inexcusable western
televisionry. And heck, maybe MTV'll make an award show out
it! Hey! Don't steal my idea!